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Our workshops are focused on delivering a more seamless, cost-effective method for customer acquisition. Understanding that many of our clients are at different stages of the Word of Mouth journey, I have broken our method into smaller, actionable workshops. My aim is to help you achieve the sustainable growth while improving your relationships at the same time. 

67% more Referrals

If I was to increase your referrals by 67%, what would that mean for your business? In this workshop we will explore your customer journey and the twelve (12) actionable steps that you can take to get each of your customers to spread the word in a proactive way.

Next workshop: 24th June, 2021

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"Buzzworthy" Business

Most businesses have experienced the benefits of word of mouth. Studies show that only 6% of these same businesses feel like they have mastered it. In this workshop we will explore the traits of a truly "Buzzworthy" brand and what it takes to be consistently shared by your customers

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Highly Profitable communities

Building a community of connected brand evangelists is the most powerful tool in powering-up your Word of Mouth efforts. In this workshop we will explore the five (5) steps to building a highly engaged and active brand community - focused on delivering value and spreading the word. 

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The growth of The Body Shop is testimony to the fact that you don't need to waste money on costly advertising campaigns to be successful. Instead, we've always relied on word of mouth and stories.


Need a workshop specific to your business?

Although we try and build our workshops to be effective for most businesses, I understand that there may be businesses that would like to work through their particular situation privately and more specifically. 

If this is your situation, please feel free to contact me directly and we can work out what would be the best fit for your objectives. 

Spread the Word with Jay Tinkler
– Word Of Mouth Marketing Imagineer

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