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Up to 90% of all purchases are influenced by Word of Mouth and yet studies show that less than 6% of businesses believe that they have mastered a Word of Mouth strategy. In real terms this means that there is a pretty major part of your revenue that you have no planning around. One of the biggest reasons for this is that we just assume Word of Mouth will just happen - but can you count on that?

Working with my systems and trusted teams, I can help you understand what a Word of Mouth driven business looks like, create a strategy that aligns with your audience and then help you to deliver jaw-dropping creative executions to leave your audience talking and your finance team smiling.

The One Number You Need to Grow

The strength of your product, the power of your customer service, even the consistency of your delivery - strong word of mouth remains one of the most reliable performance indicators in a business. It also is arguably the most effective form of marketing. Then why don't businesses invest in Word of Mouth? 

There is a myth that Word of Mouth Marketing is hard to report on and because of this many businesses choose to spend money with advertising efforts that have low return. Through modern day technology though, we are able to build effective Word of Mouth strategies and follow the conversation online through awareness, engagement and conversion. 

Below are the three main areas I can assist you business to become a Word of Mouth industry leader. 


The Word of Mouth planning process includes everything from brand virality and community building to Word of Mouth tracking and reporting.

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Learn how to think about a Word of Mouth philosophy in your business, through a customised program that will leave you energised about your next marketing move.

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People love talking about you already? I can help you craft unique, viral campaigns that appeal to your audience and mobilise them to be evangelists for your brand.

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