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For years I have watched businesses invest huge budgets into gaining awareness and in-turn the conversion they need to grow. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is just a waste of money. Most of the time though these budgets are unfortunately spent on unremarkable businesses. 

I now work with companies to not only discover those unique, deeply remarkable parts of their business but also to ensure that their customers have the motivation (and the reminders) to tell everyone about their positive experience. All at a fraction of the cost of mainstream advertising. 

As humans we are always looking for a reason to share.

My mission is to help people to build trusting relationships
so that together they can create amazing things. 

Being social animals, sharing is the way in which we build trust. When it comes to sharing brands, that trust is then passed or loaned to your business each time a customer talks about you at a BBQ or networking event.

It is my intention to identify the unique and remarkable business assets for my clients and demonstrate the power of strategic Word of Mouth in mobilising their community to spread the word and grow their business.

"We want companies to slow down for us, to focus on us. And when they do, we'll share that with people - we like spreading good news. Create a moment, earn a memory."


Are you creating your own Magic Castle?

In Los Angeles there’s a hotel called The Magic Castle Hotel. It is an 1950s converted apartment block and, while everything is clean, the building is nothing to write home about. Despite that, The Magic Castle is often rated in the top 5 hotels (out of 400) to stay in Los Angeles. Why? A cleverly curated, targeted customer experience that started with the philosophy - Listen Carefully, Respond Creatively.    

By the pool of the Magic Castle hotel you will find the  “Popsicle Hotline”. Pick it up, request a popsicle and within minutes a white-gloved waiter will deliver you a free popsicle - at no charge. But what if you are still hungry? No problem. How about you watch the magic show while making the most of the UNLIMITED snack bar. This is just the start of the unique Magic Castle customer journey. 

Each of these small yet impactful moments have not only been created with a strong focus on their target audience but also on the friends and family of their customers. The result is an extremely viral and evergreen marketing engine that keeps on giving. Search "popsicle hotline" on YouTube.     

Spread the Word with Jay Tinkler
– Word Of Mouth Marketing Imagineer

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