I believe that amazing businesses are built on the back of trusted relationships.

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Hi, I'm Jay

I am determined to change the world for the better - one business at a time.
After spending over 20 years learning every style of marketing and sales, I learned one big lesson. No matter how big your budget - unless your customers can articulate why you are special, you are fighting an uphill battle 

I now love working with businesses that understand their impact and are looking for ways to include their customers on their growth journey. 

Word of Mouth is not just marketing. Its a philosophy.

It was 2017 and I had been running a digital agency for about eight years. Although our business was ticking along well I started to notice an interesting trend. Organisations were more frequently choosing to opt for a low cost, templated approach to digital marketing. A trend that focused more on hitting more people rather than the right people.  This form of marketing resulted in impulse transactions but not a long-term loyal customer base. It was costly, and unrewarding way to grow. I knew there had to be a better way to build a business than to throw things at a wall, over and over, to see what sticks. 

I started to get curious about the topic of trust. If we could understand what really created trust we could not only effect the loyalty and advocacy of our clients but also the strength of the virality of our products and services. What I found was trust was not only based off reliability but also on how you can communicate and demonstrate your intention to another person. This was the missing piece. If there was a way for businesses to get clear on what value they truly bring to their customers; identifying the perfect customers and giving them the tools they need to spread the word, would become so much easier. 

The more I researched the more I realised that this was not a way of marketing your business, this was a way of doing business. It affected every part of the business process from leadership and customer service to packaging and delivery. Building a customer experience culture within a business allows each customer to feel the intention of the business and engage in a more emotional, connected way.  

I work with businesses that know their impact.

I get it. I have worked with many business owners over the last 10 years that have been frustrated by the lack of balance between how valuable they believe their product is and how much they have to spend marketing it to find new clients. Not only that, but as business owners, we hope that our advertising budgets will be temporary and eventually we can start to turn the " ads tap" off and still see organic growth.

Unfortunately though, this is often not the outcome. Unless you spend time truly understanding why your customer buys your products, which customers you can create strong community around and most importantly - what those customers need to be your advocate and proactively spread the word, you will always be spending money on ads. 

I want to work with you. That unique business, that innovator, that business driven by a purpose to do it a new way. I'm excited to show you the steps to achieving empowered customers that feel as passionately about your brand as you do. 

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