An interview with

A fantastic conversation with Patrick from - a company out of Melbourne that create handwritten cards for time poor people who care about the impressions they make. 

Simon Sinek on Trust

Simon Sinek has a fantastic way of concisely illustrating his points through a relatable narrative. I particularly love this take on how shared value and community creates trust. I hope you like it too. 

Capitalising with trust

We are social animals. We are not only built to create community and trust - we desire it. This comes really easily at a personal level - why should our business lives be any different? By being truly intentional about the relationships we have in business, our costs will drop and our revenue will grow. Its my desire to bring more intention to all relationships - sales just seems to be the one lacking right now. 

A fantastic book that mixes behavioural science from the leading "trust" experts with the real life stories of brands we know and love. 

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